DENTAL is things that relate to teeth or 

to the care and treatment of teeth.
BODA is reading sound 'Watching' in Korean. + We would like to offer high quality education video.

And we always think your efficient work place.

Please enjoy your work with us.

for all
DentalBoda offers high quality education video via Youtube channel.
Please enjoy your work with us.
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All the Playlist: 60+ Live Wax-up video. 20+ Oral Prophylaxis HOT 50+ Live Build-up Updating Live NAT Wax-up Coming soon Planed, 2020 Live Contouring Planed, 2020 Live Temporary Crown
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두번째 스테인 팔레트
Malen C
초경량, 컴팩트 디자인의 Malen C 출시!!
조금 더 가볍고 얇게. 하지만 넓은 작업 공간.
도자기팔레트이지만 케이스를 포함한 두께가 11mm
무게도 260 그램 밖에 되지 않아요.
당신만의 작업 파트너 Malen C를 만나보세요.
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Malen C Malen C 내부

Stain palette for all dental professional.
There are 29 bowls, 5 mixing & 1 cleaning space.
It is great one for your work.
'Malen A'
Draw Your
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for dental professional,
you can find all training video.
live wax-up, build up and so on...
Product for
Dental Technician
We always think your
efficient workplace.
DentalBoda offers useful
article for dental professional
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